Exhibition in New York 2019


“STARS from HEAVEN” May 10 – June 12, 2019 Amsterdam Whitney Gallery New York, USA

Galvanized by Lucian Freud's concept: "It is through observation and perception of atmosphere that he [the artist] can register the feeling that he wishes his painting to give out," abstract expressionist Natalia Rose's sensorial canvases explore the expansive possibilities of a non-objective universal language. With an abstract quest to translate onto canvas the non-representational, divergent realities of shape and color, Ms. Rose skillfully transcribes her visceral perceptions, achieving a complete fulcrum of expressive sensations. Resonating with the verve of a special creative vision, her masterful tableau resonates with a cornucopia of color and form which dominates her masterful oeuvre. Gestating into a sensory experience, Ms. Rose's powerful abstract expressionist work illustrates the emotional essence of the natural world and invites us to imaginatively connect with the universe.

Revelatory and reflective, Natalia Rose's dazzling compositions are a visual syntax of the illusory realm which metamorph into personal expressions of the inner self. Influenced by dynamic emotions, Russian born and Denmark based artist Natalia Rose challenges the conventional separation between perception of memory, and perception of experience. Exploring dimensionality through layers of color, her compositions radiate power and command attention as her paintings navigate themes of identity, exoticism and culture. Influenced by Russian folk art, Central European Expressionism, and abstract expressionism, Natalia’s Rose distinct style reflects art historical fluency and a dichotomy of tradition and the avant-garde. Drawing from historical and cultural imagery, Ms. Rose weaves a map of identity that intermingles Eastern and Western ideals of beauty, as well as mythologies. Embracing both tensions and harmonies between Eastern and Western culture, Ms. Rose’s abstracted compositions mirror her perceptions of identity and belonging.

Passionate color and vibrant texture are parlayed into chimeric, non-figurative compositions which metamorphose into a visual dialogue of dazzling color and line. Through amorphous shapes and a carefully selected syntax of illuminated color and texture, the artist creates a sensorial experience as she intuitively builds layers of energetic color on the canvas, Her artistic manifesto is essentially focused on the subtext that lies beneath the surface where she creates a symphony-like complexity in each work, weaving a colorful concert of hues and textures building a rich tapestry onto each canvas.

Bridging the world of abstraction, Natalia Rose's visceral paintings are seen as a creative exploration of internal worlds. These visual reflections of our internal and external realms intersect to evoke imagery through bold and instinctive brushstrokes which flow from each painting. Cajoling us to probe our own artistic sensibilities, her visual and textural non-representational works are laden with meaning as they explore the emotional weight of our world. Indeed, Natalia Rose's intention is not so much to faithfully represent the world but rather to evoke the feelings and the inherent emotions contained within. Brilliantly translating onto canvas with a syncopated beat of the abstract, award-winning painter Natalia Rose has participated in a lifetime of immersion in the arts, culminating in a wonderful body of work and has embarked on a painting career which has catapulted her to a meaningful position in the contemporary art arena. The presence of her works in private collections across the world is affirmation of her continually expanding international reputation.