"Natalia Rose is a talented and highly original Danish artist who creates semi-abstract works containing various pictorial influences mixed with her great creativity. Her artworks are exhibited and appreciated all over the world. Her technique involves broad brushstrokes and vivid colours that strike the viewer and arouse their curiosity. She tickles the human intellect by asking the viewer questions about the ambiguous relationship between concepts and the visual/pictorial ways in which they are expressed..."  READ MORE

"Bekendelser der råber. Sjælens vilje. Psykens hvisken. Sådan kan man karakterisere et billede af Natalia Rose. Værkerne kræver kontinuerlig udforskning. Man kan iagttage dem på afstand og tæt på, indtil de mange aspekter smelter sammen til en enkelt kontemplativ melange. Kunstneren finder modet til at skabe i første person ental i de indtryk, der er forankret i det kollektive ubevidste. Her findes kilden til den vision, der driver værkerne. Man stopper uvilkårligt op i mødet med Natalia Roses kunst og finder sig visuelt og åndeligt beriget på en måde, som får én til at vokse.  
 I en kunstverden, hvor paradokset er reglen og aldrig undtagelsen. I en kunstverden, hvor man i stigende grad søger det spektakulære udsagn, ankommer Natalias værker som regnbuer om natten. Maleri med autentisk smag. En poetisk fortælling, der gennem et sprog fyldt med søde melodier formår at erobre publikums sjæl. At iagttage et maleri af Natalia Rose bliver nærmest en åndelig rejse. En unik oplevelse, hvor man kan slippe sig selv og fordybe sig i en ny drømmevirkelighed. Værkerne bliver til minder og omformes til det, kunstneren ønsker at se." READ ESSAY

"Potenza linguistica. Energia creativa. Dinamismo di un segno che non è mai statico. Queste le caratteristiche essenziali della pittura dell’artista. Una pittura che esplora enigmi della mente e ne traccia visivamente i suoi dettami. Una grande sintesi segnica, arricchita da un cromatismo sempre molto ricercato, caratterizza il suo operato Un’ artista, le cui visioni, tracciano le basi per una nuova arte contemporanea. Attraverso un linguaggio del tutto personale, l'artista, riesce nel difficile compito di comunicare dei sentimenti reali; dei sentimenti che vanno oltre ogni tempo e ogni spazio conosciuto. Le sue visioni su tela hanno una potenza evocativa, che difficilmente oggi, si trova nei pittori contemporanei, forse troppo attenti a spettacolarizzare il vissuto. L’artista dal buio delle tenebre, fa emergere una luce salvatrice. Quella luce, che ha il compito di ridare ordine al caos del mondo contemporaneo. Natalia và oltre l’iperrealismo della forma, per concentrare la sua indagine visiva sul contenuto. Le urla della psiche, le tempeste dell’anima, le confessioni della mente. Tutte queste caratteristiche sono presenti nell’arte di Rose. Un’artista capace di trasformare la tela allo stesso tempo in un campo di battaglia oppure in un giardino fiorito. La purezza dell’anima fa l’amore con le cromie più accese. Il segno si trasforma in un impeto di fuoco..." READ ESSAY

"Denmark based and Russia born, Natalia Rose creates layered acrylic abstract paintings exhibiting her masterfully orchestrated use of color
to explore composition and dimensions of a subject reflectively.

She draws on her experiences in Eastern and Western Europe to stimulate thought and reaction and inspire beyond recognition of identity.

She is studying the influence of multi-dimensional reality in the physical realm, through the art. By applying thick
layering, and what would initially appear as spontaneousbrushstrokes, Rose challenges the traditional ideologies of beauty..."READ MORE

"Natalia Rose is a Danish artist capable of creating semi-abstract and symbolic artworks with a strong visual impact. She is able to empathise with the viewer, giving them not only a visual experience but also a journey into their own spirituality. With a few essential elements, quick touches and bright, vivid colours, Natalia creates artworks in which the graphic sign of pictograms is combined with the creative debauchery of abstractionism. The elements mix like a dance, finding harmony and balance. The synthesis and essentiality that underlies her artistic process is important. With colours and shapes Natalia opens up a wide-ranging discourse on the power of communication, especially visual communication, which takes place between artist-work-spectator. In "Russian Easter" the three primary colours share the space of the canvas suggesting a strong essential balance. The choice of colour tones is not accidental as it creates a symbolic contrast with the dissoluteness and energy of the title. The colours are bright, extremely luminous, reflecting the light of the environment in which they are displayed. The application of the pigment is not flat, quite the contrary. Natalia creates a refined texture by mixing the colours with a variegated background, full of small gestural and rapid signs. In this way, the red, cockerel and blue emerge from the background, dominating the scene." READ MORE