INTERFERENCES 2023 - Concept by Art Curator Francesca Brunello

Natalia Rose

Natalia Rose is an artist with enormous talent. Her abstract creations are a perfect mix of symbolism and abstractionism. But what catches the eye most are the colours she uses, disruptive and brilliant. The contrast between them and black and white creates dynamism and movement. Each of her works delves into the human psyche, referring to fantasy and dreams but linked to everyday life. What the mind cannot explain, Natalia explains with her unique and original creations. It is impossible not to get caught up in her subjects that are able to capture the viewer's attention in an enigmatic and captivating manner. Abstract and decorative intertwine, creating new combinations and textures. In "Orange Dream", the colour orange acts as background and filling in the dance of blue lines with gold brushstrokes and white inserts. All blend together creating a swirling and intricate dance like a labyrinth that opens up in the viewer's mind. Natalia here gives free rein to the flow of her thoughts, detaching herself from reality to immerse herself in the dreamlike. In the work "Stop the Rain" the colour gold prevails over all others, becoming the undisputed protagonist. A visual and emotional rain that envelops everything and becomes simultaneously life and human tedium. In "Three Shades of Red" the contrast between the bold hues of red, geometrically divided into 4 sections with 3 different gradations; black that frames the geometric areas; yellow that takes over the canvas with stylised and graphic smiles; and finally white that gives light. The images she creates are poetic, seeming to juggle lightly with the thoughts of the mind. The colours wander through space unconstrained and unencumbered by anything. Colour, like the soul, floats in the environment describing shapes and creating new combinations.

Art Curator Ilaria Falchetti

Exhibition Concept