Exhibition "Yellow" Milano

By Art Curator Ilaria Falchetti

Natalia Rose is a Danish artist known for her semi-abstract creations that combine different pictorial universes. Her artworks are characterized by bright and vivid colors, strong chromatic contrasts and the recurrent use of black to outline elements or simply to complement and balance other pigments. Natalia explores the universe of nature, deconstructing and decontextualize shapes, elements, landscapes and recreating images from her subconscious. Her creations are balanced and play on contrasts of light and color, lines and pictograms, graphic designs that make her style unique and original. She is inspired by abstractionism and expressionism, letting herself be completely guided by her emotions and letting her art speak for itself. Natalia investigates the universe of communication, creating relationships between the viewer and the work of art. She dwells on the details: although guided by emotion, she leaves nothing to chance. No graphic sign, line or form is inserted at random. She investigates the multiplicity of meanings of symbols, what they express and what message they contain. In "Resting Sad Face", he does graphic work with impact. The brushstrokes are not energetic, completely abstract. The colors are superimposed and the different objects used in the application of pigment leave an indelible texture on the canvas. The brushstrokes are different, sometimes more graphic and sometimes more full-bodied and dense. Among the many marks left on the canvas, a sad face emerges that blends in with everything else. The artwork unleashes a strong impetuous energy, strength but at the same time loneliness and melancholy. In "Bazaar" the black crown has a dual function. Natalia uses it to create the frame and at the same time it enters into the drawing as it constitutes the color of the building in the background. In the foreground, a stylized figure of a woman is selling colored fruit. Everything is minimalist but enriched by the bright and striking color. The frame gives a surrealist effect to the painting and at the same time takes up the art of graffiti. Natalia has a rapt, graphic and energetic gesture. The colors are incisive, without shading and the brushstrokes are decisive. Black balances the coldness of blue and the color of red. In "Lost in the Desert" she decides to create stratified registers of color, referring to the principles of abstractionism but in a contemporary key. The color is dense, impactful and the shades are carefully chosen. The colors are warm and infuse energy. Small touches of black probably symbolize stylized men, some of whom have succumbed to the scorching desert climate. Natalia has a unique and recognizable style. Her works are overwhelming, real jolts of energy that strike the viewer with the expressive power of the color and the quick and intense application of pigment.

2022 - International Contemporary Art Exhibition “Yellow" CatalogM.A.D.S. Gallery Milano April 28 - May 4